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Gamescom '17 impressions

Hey guys!
I thought I'd write a post about my very first Gamescom experience to process all this awesomeness :)
Gamescom is Europe's biggest game convention and is taking place in Cologne, Germany at the end of August every year. Maybe you've seen some of my Instastories, if not, now is your chance to catch up ;)
*********** I've never been to Cologne before even though Germany's not too far away from Austria - but I haven't had quite a motivation to visit before Gamescom to be honest. I've always wanted to attend but didn't have the chance until this year! I visited Tokyo Game Show in my year abroad though for two times (2015/16), so I was at least familiar with such big gaming events.

One word? Amazing! I traveled alone to Cologne but I was guest in a nice Airbnb student flat and met so many friends in Cologne and the event itself! A lot of my friends from Vienna work as online reporters and reviewers for game related content so I got the chance to hel…

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